The Most Extensive Collection of Ball Python Mutations in Captivity

About NERD

NERD began the same way that many reptile breeders did: a hobbyist maintaining a collection of animals that eventually paid for themselves, allowing that hobbyist to pursue a variety of species & expand his collection. In this case "that hobbyist" was Kevin McCurley, a herp enthusiast since early childhood. His breeding efforts initially focused on Pituophis and other large colubrids, and over the course of time the collection grew along with an interest in pythons, particularly those with which fewer keepers were working at the time namely retics (too big & psycho!) and ball pythons (it's JUST a ball python!). During the past ten years, that focus on retics and ball pythons has brought myriad color morphs and combinations to the NERD collection, many of which were first bred at this facility.

Today, NERD has expanded to a 5,000-square-foot breeding center in the heart of New England, with plans to move to a larger facility later in 2003. While ball & reticulated python morphs remain a primary focus, the NERD collection also boasts a fine selection of monitors, arboreal boids, Burmese & blood pythons, boa constrictors, rock iguanas, and "Wally" - the friendly resident 8' alligator who stands guard in the basement.

For the past decade, the name NERD has become synonymous with quality animals & expert care. We know there are a lot of choices in the herp industry today, and strive to provide our customers with nothing but the best in both captive-bred and select, established imports for the discriminating keeper. We currently maintain a full-time staff of animal care specialists assigned to specific areas in the collection which best suit their herpetocultural skills, thus neither keepers nor resources are spread too thin when it comes to ensuring that each animal receives all the care it deserves, from the normal ball pythons in the baby rooms to the calico Retics and albino water monitors in their walk-in enclosures.

One of our goals is public education to promotes awareness and conservation of habitat and various species. We also do educational lectures within our immediate area to schools, scout groups, churches, and universities. As mankind continues to move forward under the myth that the earth is forever renewable, unknown plant and animal species are lost before they are ever even discovered, taking a planetary toll on ALL species, including humans. Education and up-close-and-personal encounters are the biggest icebreakers in changing people's perspective on the natural world. NERD's educational lectures and animal encounters have allowed many to come face-to-face with animals they might otherwise not have the opportunity to see in person.

When it comes to the herp trade, our philosophy is simple. If we start out with quality animals and maintain them properly, we can offer an animal that makes acquiring your new reptile a rewarding experience. We strive to meet the customer's needs and offer continued support. A large portion of our business is built on hobbyists that have come to us frustrated by a BAD past experience. It is not uncommon in today's pet trade to be sold a wonderful animal over the phone that turns out completely the opposite once it has been removed from the shipping box. We avoid this type of business since it does not create a return customer, and even more importantly, it does not allow for a fulfilling experience with that new reptile. We want you to enjoy your reptiles as much as we enjoy ours, which is why we're willing to go to the lengths it takes to provide you with the very best animals available. This simple point allows us to stick out above the competition; NO JUNK!!